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Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

Warning: If the user disagrees with the privacy policy described herein, he must not register as user. Should he had already registered, ask for cancellation of registration.

In accordance with its privacy policy, Cerámica Lima S.A. or Corporación Cerámica S.A. (hereinafter CELIMA or TREBOL) hereby specifies –for information of the users of its web page- the treatment to the information provided by the user at the time of registration.

When registering as a user, a user expressly represents and warrants that:

a. He supplies his personal data to CELIMA or TREBOL voluntarily, and this information is true, valid and updated, and he is absolutely liable for any mistake in the data supplied.

b. He accepts that his personal data are included in a data base owned by CELIMA or TREBOL.

c. He authorizes, without any restriction whatsoever, that any and all information, including his personal data and e-mail, supplied to CELIMA or TREBOL through this webpage, is used by CELIMA or TREBOL for a quantitative and qualitative survey of visits and the use of services by users, in the design of new services related to the ones supplied by CELIMA or TREBOL.

d. He authorizes CELIMA or TREBOL to use cookies (by using cookies, the web server may recall certain user data, such as preferences, products he is interested in, in other words, keeps a record of the activities of the user in the web page of CELIMA or TREBOL) when a user navigates in CELIMA or TREBOL sites and web pages.

e. He authorizes CELIMA or TREBOL to deliver such information when requested by relevant administrative and/or court authorities, or when necessary for the effective protection of CELIMA or TREBOL's rights.

CELIMA or TREBOL represents and warrants that:
i) The information supplied by the user will be used for the purposes above mentioned;
ii) in order to protect confidentiality of the personal data supplied by USERS, it has adopted the protection safety levels of the reasonably required personal data, and it also installed means and technical measures at a reasonable scope to prevent losses, bad use, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data supplied;
iii) The user may delete the information at any time by sending an e-mail to: webcelima@celima.com.pe iv) The user may update and/or correct the information at any time; and,
v) Any information sent to the users by e-mail will have the option to cancel the subscription in order not to receive more information by CELIMA or TREBOL.

CELIMA or TREBOL is not liable for any damage due to the under entrance by third parties to its data base and/or any failure in the data performance and/or conservation in the database.

If the user requires further clarification regarding the privacy policy, please contact CELIMA or TREBOL by e-mail to: webcelima@celima.com.pe

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