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The CELIMA TREBOL Group has more than 50 years of experience and is made up of the following leading companies: Ceramica Lima S.A.- CELIMA and Corporación Cerámica S.A. -TREBOL, whose principal goal is to improve the quality of live of Peruvians and people elsewhere in the world, by supplying the highest quality ceramic tiles, sanitary fittings, adhesives, grouts and faucets and alternatives to help preserve the environment.


For this reason the Group requires continual improvement and compliance with applicable domestic legislation in its aim to be the leading company in its field in the 21 countries to which it exports.

Mission: To help to improve the quality of life of people throughout the world by supplying ceramic tiles, sanitary fittings and faucets of the highest quality.

Vision: To be the benchmark for efficiency and quality in our fields on the Pacific coast of South America.

Philosophy: A passion for quality, a passion that is also reflected in our internal processes by which we ensure the integrity of our employees and protect the environment.


The CELIMA TREBOL Group currently exports to 21 countries, thanks to the high quality of its products and attractive prices, which have made it highly competitive in the international market.

The Group has been exporting since 1982, when it made its first foreign sale of CELIMA products, followed by sales of TREBOL sanitary fittings and CELIMA adhesives and grout.

At present we seek to provide an excellent service to all our customers and to meet the requirements of all technical and commercial standards in the countries to which we sell.


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